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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at ten: we are tracking the bay area wide storm destruction. the rain is on the way out...but the danger remains. tonight --- we are tracking rising water levels in the north bay. in the east bay -- we'll take you inside a home crushed by a landslide. and in the south bay -- emergency work to open a blocked highway .. has turned deadly. tonight -- we're covering the storm aftermath for several angles. i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. kron4 has complete team coverage. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what's left of the storm. hermela aregawi is in guerneville -- where the russian river is rising. first -- let's check in with lydia pantazes live in the santa cruz mountains..
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that's where the work to clear a mudslide along highway- 17 has left one worker dead, and one seriously hurt. lydia?
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tonight - flooding has once again shutdown all lanes of highway- 37 in novato. the area affected is between highway- 101 and atherton avenue. today, cal-trans crews continued to try and pump water off the roadway. the stretch of highway has been a trouble spot all winter. happening now -- we are monitoring flood conditions in guerneville... the russian river tonight is on the rise... kron4's hermela aregawi is live.... hermela has the rain let up? sonoma county crews have closed off a 5 mile stretch of river road.. in guernville adn into rio nido to clean up a mud rio nio, more
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than 100 people were without power for most of the day today after a tree in willow park fell into a powerline. sherry and dano blanchard say they expect to have their power by 11 tonight.sot sherry blanchard and dano blanchard rio nido gets trapped behind flood water, but as long as we have power, as long as we have power. so the last time it flooded a couple of weeks ago. we got the power went out but it came back on right before the flood waters. we'll get flooded in maybe tomorrow but if we have power its not a problem.this is the russian river overflowing into the streets in downtown guernville. jake hamil's lives right on the edge of the waterline.sot jake hamilthis is the worst. it's never been in my basement before.and it was approximately 4 feet a couple of weeks ago.some guernville residents had to take long detours to get to their homes. sot cecile derbes, residenton
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willow road, we grow grapes. usually the easiest way to go to school. it takes 20 minutes straight. but i have to go through west side road which extends the trip 20 minutes. others couldn't find a way around.sot grace bartlome, residentwell i am just looking to see how bad the road is. because on the other side of that is the house i used to live in that i need to to finish moving out of and all the roads to it are closed. there are four roads and every one of them is flooded.but everyone we talked to had had some practice from the last few storms.. and they were taking this one in stride.sot jake hamilits mostly contruction materials and just like everyone else's basement, junk we should get rid of anyway. so it's kind of a good opportunity to clean up the basement.sot sherry blanchard and dano blanchardwhich just means store up on water store up on food, store up on champagne from korbel.
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the recent storm brought so much rain it turned rivers into rushing waterfalls in napa county... this explosion of overflowing water is the napa river spillway in saint helena. the violent rush of water had people pulling over on highway 128 and snapping pictures. people who live in the area say they haven't seen this much water coming off the spillway in years.... tonight... a family's home in orinda has been left uninhabitable... it happened this morning after a mudslide crashed right into the home. take a look: this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7.. kron4's haaziq madyun was able to get inside... to take a look at the damage. this is an overhead view of a massive mudslide in orinda from our helicopter partnership with abc-7. the slide slammed into the rear of
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paul vittimberga's home on van tassel way"i mean the damage to the house is significant but i think the most concerning is getting the hill right, as you can see hundreds and hundreds of tons of material up there has come down onto our land"tom zundel heard about the slide here and came to take a look because "we have a small slide that has gone into the street but what we're concerned about is a much possible slide like what has occurred here"his takeaway after seeing what the mudslide did to paul vittimberga's house..?"well i am a little more scared now than i was earlier today, i didn't think the possibility of a catastrophic event was very high but now that i have seen this, there is a little more to be worried about" vittimberga says the mudslide happened tuesday morning at about 9:30am"i was in the
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bathroom right over here and i heard what sounded like a very loud thunder storm, then i came out into the room and thought maybe it was a hail storm and then i saw the wall start to come toward me"the mudslide eventually stopped but not before breaching the rear wall of his office. "unfortunately the structure underlying this bedroom buckled with the weight, probably the roof above here too, i mean the damage to the house is significant but i think the more concerning is getting the hill right and that's huge under taking, what do you do with 300 truck- loads of dirt and uh, that's a good question"his home has been red tagged by the county. he is leaving now to find a temporary place to live. he hopes when the rainy season ends he will return to find his home still orinda haaziq madyun kron4news now a live look outside at san francisco.. the weather clearing up.... kron4 chief meteorologist is tracking what's left of the storm system. brittney-
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what can we expect heading into tomorrow? another big story tonight: a federal court panel has ruled president donald trump's controversial travel ban will remain on hold. that
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unanimous ruling came today from the federal appeals court in san francisco... tonight -- president trump is reacting to the outcome. kron4's alecia reid has been tracking this story.... she's live in san francisco -- alecia's what next? what the 9th circuit court of appeals basically said today, is that the federal gov't can't show an urgent reason as to why people's right should be violated.pkgsot - this is only one step in what will be a long, legal battlevisa holders and refugees can continue to enter the united states, after the 9th circuit court of appeals placed a temporary restraining order on the muslim ban. executive director of the northern california a-c-l-u abdi soltani says president trump is basically carrying out campaign promises. and this won't be the end of it.sot - donald trump said he wants to ban muslims, that he was considering a muslim registry, and there's going to be many many manifestations of that
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basic policy over the course of the next 4 yearspresident trump tweeted his response to the ruling"see you in court, the state of our union is at stake."sot - who knows what he meant when he said see you in court. he may have meant see you in court im going to appeal this to the supreme court. the problem is, there's only 8 judges on the supreme court. and the chances are it would be a 4-4 tie at best. he might even lose 5-3. and if it's 4-4 the lower court opinion stands.standupseveral law makers applaud the 9th circuit's people from those 7 predominantly muslim countries can continue flying in and out of the country.reporting live in san francisco. if you'd like to explore indepth on why the judges ruled the way they did...
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we have the complete court documents posted on our website -- kron-4-dot-com. coming up new at ten: a predator alert. what we know about a man police say... tried to lure a local girl into his car -- twice. then: bart riders listen up:why it will soon be even harder to find a seat on a train. and next:the disturbing video went viral... a boy being relentlessly bullied... while others watch... even forced to his knees. how police have now stepped in and taken action.
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new at ten:police taking action after a disturbing bullying video went viral on social media. the video shows a northern california boy being pushed around by two bigger teens... all while others stood by and watched. at one point -- the bullying victim was forced onto his knees. reporter kay recede has the video. "you know what i do to ? do you know what i do to ? kids falls to the ground"we blurred out the faces and bleeped some of what was said "it's my turn now. "but the disturbing nature of this scene is troublinga viral video that shows a boy being bullied in modesto"it's pretty sad to watch it.""yeah it was yeah it was messed up.""i didn't like it."in the video - you see a boy pushed to the ground"i can't fight. what
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does it matter to me that you can't fight?"and when he tries to walk away from a fight another kid forces him to his knees"on your knees before i break 'em"students at the elliot alternative education center in modesto recognized some of the teen boys investigators have also identified some of the kids as beyer high school students."i was shocked, actually, like i couldn't believe it.""i thought that they were different. i didn't know they were like that.""the video was shot on tuesday here in this neighborhood. we're just about a half mile away from beyer high school."becky fortuna - a public information officer with the the modesto city schools district says they have taken action"we conducted an investigation with the modesto police department and took action according to our district conduct code."along with the discipline at the schools the modesto police department has also made two arrests of a 16 and 17 year old boy "it's really messed up that people were just standing there watching like they didn't even do anything." that was kay recede reporting. the modesto police department says, the 16- year-old was arrested for battery and making criminal threats... the 17-year-old faces charges for criminal
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threats and conspiracy. happening now out of the east bay... police in union city are looking for a theif who stuck up a girl scout cookie stand...and robbed them it happened yesterday in front of a safeway store on decoto road... police say a teenager approached a mother and her 12 year old daughter asking about buying some girl scout cookies. he returned a short time later, pointed his gun at them and took the money from the girl's mother and ran off... the mother and daughter were not hurt... but they were pretty shaken up. to help out... the officers donated their own money to cover the loss from the theft. and the union city police officer's association decided to purchase all of the girl's remaining boxes of cookies. new tonight at ten...a warning for parents.... police are looking for a man who tried to lure a teenage girl into his car .. not once, but twice in two days... grant lodes is here with the details... all of this happening in
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fairfield... on beck avenue near cadenasso drive... the first incident happened yesterday and the second one happened today... both at 7:15 in the morning... in both incidents the suspect drove up and stopped near the 15- year-old and asked her if she needed a ride. the teen declined both times and walked away. after the first incident, the suspect pulled into a parking lot, circled around, and drove past her again... it wasn't until a short time after the second incident the teen filed a report with a police officer... because she felt she was being followed. police are looking for the suspects s-u-v... you see here... they believe it is an early 2000's lincoln navigator... toss weather
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showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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fifty years ago the black panther party started in oakland their message resonating with black and poor communities across the nation who were frustrated by a world they felt did not include them. their defiance to police brutality is what grabbed headlines.but there is a new exhibit at the oakland museum of california that shows a side of the black panthers.. that you might not know about. it's called
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"all power to the people" open on nats - activity at the chairtrack -huey newton's picture in the chair became as iconic as the black panther party symbol itself ... and a bronze art replica of the huey chair .. greets visitors as they enter the 'all the power to the people' exhibit. more nats or possible mos heretrack - rene' de guzman is the senior curator of art.track - "black panthers at 50" takes a fresh look at the remarkable and controversial movement that gained national and international momentum and significance .. it's also a chance to learn things you maybe didn't know about 'the black panthers'.. -" what often gets lost in the story of the black panther party is all they did in the community... free health clinic, free senior transportation, free groceries and a free breakfast program .. some of these programs are a part of the american culture today.. the panthers believe the real revolution stared with taking care of the community first." track- this
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is an interactive experience. you can see the interviews. hear the voices of huey newton, bobby seale and others who led the panthers - feel the sensation of being behind the jail bars from huey newton's cell and see a sampling of the thousands of the intelligence reports .. closing sot outcue- " the exhibit will run until the end of february - black history month.. at the oakland museum of california in downtown oakland. for more on the black panthers and links to my two stories on this exhibit... head to our website, kron 4 dot com. still ahead...why life expectancy is falling for the first time in decades... and how it's affecting some americans more than others.
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the exhibit will run until the end of february - black history month.. at the oakland museum of california in downtown oakland. for more on the black panthers and links to my two stories on this exhibit... head to our website, kron 4 dot com. still ahead...why life expectancy is falling for the first time in decades... and how it's affecting some americans more than others. and next:big changes coming to bart... why it means it could be harder for
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you to find a seat on a train.
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new tonight at ten: big changes are coming to bart. get ready to see fewer seats on bart trains. grant lodes is back now with the details and how it will affect riders. the board says this is all about dealing with bart's dire over-crowding problem. yes, a new, updated fleet is on the way...but bart says this will make life better for passengers in the meantime. more than 25-hundred seats will be taken out of 360 bart cars. they will be taken
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from one side of the cars....and they'll be removed from the middle sections which tend to get the most crowded. it wil take nine months to a year to get the seats out. bart estimates 14 extra people will be able to fit on each car once the seats are gone. the project will cost one-point-seven million dollars...but bart will only have to pay about 200 thousand of that...the rest comes from fedeeral government to promote public transit. the new bart fleet is expected to be rolled out starting in 20- 18...and ending in 20-23. also voted on today...a plan to build on today...a also voted on today...a plan to build 20 new bike lockers at bart stations. more and more people are biking to bart...and at the mac arthur station for
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board members said if you show up after 8:30 in the morning...there's no space in the bike locker. this prokect will cost nearly half a million dollars. coming up in a brand new edition of people behaving badly...stanley roberts rides along with c-h-p -- as they battle to keep traffic flowing on flooded roads. then -- if you think the weather here is bad -- just take a look at this spinouts -- snow thunder -- and even a sasquatch sighting. we have the videos you don't want to miss from the east coast. and next: new at ten.. we're live near the scene of a massive mudslide on the peninsula... drivers say it's forcing them into a dangerous situation.
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concerns a massive mudslide in woodside could be getting worse. people who live near it have been dealing with the problem for a month.. it's closed down part of highway 84 -- forcing drivers to take a treacherous, poorly lit, winding, one-lane detour. new tonight - kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the san mateo county sheriff's office with the update only on kron 4.
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highway 84 is a county road so sheriff's office employees are overseeing the disruption that's plagued wooside commuters since middle of january with no end in sight. highway 84 is a major woodside thoroughfare for people living in the area.since january 12th they have had to take a detour because of an active landslide that's closed the road between grandview drive and portola. pete keeler, woodside resident "it's terrible there's nothing you can do because of the terrain."san mateo county sheriff's office officials say the problem started in a private residential area that eventually hit the county road. a crack was noticed that was to be filled; buthe problem has grown bigger to where contracted employees have had to guard the closure all while keeping a close eye on slide. no major improvements can be made until the weather clears up. "this is mother nature there's
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when it rains the california highway patrol warns drivers to follow the rules of the road to avoid crashing, they are slow down, don't follow too close, turn on your head lights and if possible stay out out of the number one lane however when those things are ignored.. crashes happen... and then it becomes segment for people behaving badly .. interstate 280 comes to a halt as officer montiel from the redwood city area office of the california highway patrol removes the hood of a car from the freeway nats: ambiance the driver literally just crashed, so we were the first on the scene, at first i thought all the debris was from the crash. but apparently other drivers have crashed here in the pasti was just driving along then
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all of a sudden i musta just hydroplaned, next thing you know i was just spinning aroundyou know how fast you were going 45 50 i think i just got into 4th gear i wasn't even hauling ass ok now here is the scary part we are sitting in the freeway in the rain while drivers are buzzing by at 70 plus miles per hour just a few feet away nats: ambiance after a traffic break officer montiel uses the chp cruiser to push the car off to the shoulder until a tow truck arrives nats: ambiance finally, a tow truck arrives and we move on to the next problem or should i say mystery what's wrong there has been another solo spinout . one of dozens except time, something is missing or should i say someone the driver the only people there were two people in a white pickup truck. the first thing that needs to be done is get the abandoned car over to the shoulder so it gets pushed nats ambiance the chp now has to figure out who the abandoned car belongs too because the only people around were the two people in the truck and the nearest exit was
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more than 3 miles away get this the passenger in the truck his first name was the first name of the registered owner of the car but he had no id i let my mom borrow it. because she is doing me an appointment so after trying to sort fact from fiction officer montiel takes a photo of the passenger with the car and sends them on their way after further investigation officers determined he was not the driver because someone later called 911 and reported that he was picked up off the freeway important to note you should never abandon your car in lanes of traffic if you happen to crash all the crashes could have been avoided if drivers would simply slow down, oh and by the way the first driver, who claimed he was going 45 to 50 miles per hour next thing you know i was thinking about possibly spinning i started spinning i think i spun about 3 times and then the car just stopped the chp estimated his speed around 70 on highway 280 in san mateo county stanley roberts kron 4 news toss weather
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showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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toss gary sports new 49ers head coach kyle shanahan and new general manager john lynch... met the bay area media their opening news conference.. shananan is the team's fourth head coach in the last four seasons... and lynch is their first new g-m since
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trent baalke took over in 2011. both are rookies in their ácurrent positions...however, they've had successful careers. for lynch, it's as a player and broadcaster. and shanahan is considered brightest young minds in the league... as he turned the falcons top-ranked unit. shanahan says turning around this franchise will they are driven to make it work.
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the sharkies were in boston hoping to break a three- game losing streak this was the san jose's first game against the bruins this season. 2nd period sharks were down by 2... justin braun turns on the red light... 3-2 boston2nd period the bruins were too much for the men in teil... tim schaller makes it 6-3 boston the most entertaining story in the league right now is the circus featuring charles oakley and the new york knicks. in case you missed it, major scuffle at last night's knicks- clippers game... between oakley and knicks security where oakley shoved a guard, had to be escorted out of madison square garden and then was arrested. it's still unclear what exactly led to this . but some reports say oakley, a former knick, who has been critical of team owner james dolan...may have shouted the executive. oakley denied he said anything , but reacted when he was asked to leave by security.
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earlier today, our sports director gary radnich sat down with bay area sports hall of fame inductee and nba champion bill cartwright... he has known oakley for years and gave his take on the incident. that interview is part of kron4-s partnership with the bay area sports hall of fame. cartwright, along with four other bay area greats, will officially be inducted at a ceremony in arpil. gary will be the host... and we'll hear from the inductees and those close to them leading up to the event.
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speaking of the dons... they were in the hilltop. the last time they faced they lost 2nd half the dons up less than a minute... chase foster pulls up tough jumper... three point 2nd half the broncos to tie the game brownridge three and force final: 61-58 usf the 20th ranked gaels did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. ♪ strummed guitar
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you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. for the first time in more than 20 years, life expectancy for americans has fallen. reporter kim hutcherson explains the cause may be how premature deaths are on the rise. kron4 news.
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a strong storm slamming the bay area leaving a trail of destruction behind... good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm steve aveson... and i'm pam moore.. this last storm brought so much rain it turned rivers into waterfalls... brought down massive trees and caused dangerous mudslides that turned deadly... cheif meteorologist brittney shipp with what's left of the storm... and what's ahead for tomorrow. showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.


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